Mark grew up in Rockland...
A suburb in the shadow of New York City.

Mark, a dedicated, self-taught musician started playing at the age of 17 after buying his first guitar and amp for $25.00.

Starting where it all started, by playing blues, playing with local blues players influenced those early days defining his direction and playing style.

With an insatiable passion, Mark played with everybody and anybody he could, he was always looking for any opportunity to learn.

"Everyone has something positive to offer. You can always find something positive and unique about a person that makes them special."

"Pursuing your passion is what it's always been about for me…following that path to wherever it leads…"

After playing Rockland's local club scene as his formative start, Mark moved up to Ithaca, NY where he continued his musical edification by playing the NY tri-state area club circuit in a college circuit band Zoltan based in Ithaca, NY. 1972-1975. They played every club and college from Watertown to East Hampton. During his tenure there, Mark was lucky enough to have jammed with blues pioneer Muddy Waters in Rochester, NY, an impressionable experience that has stayed with him ever since.

Moving to New York City in 1976, Mark started playing NYC nightclubs and doing studio sessions wherever and whenever he could. Mark, writing songs and playing with a popular local NYC band named Mistress continued to hone his skills playing the city club circuit. You could always find him on a Sat night playing in his favorite haunts in the West Village way into the late night hours.

Later that year, Mark joined up with singer Rex Smith and co-wrote the two songs that landed Rex his first record deal with Columbia. One of the two songs ended up on his debut album Rex which was recorded and released in 1976.

Then in 1977, Mark was recruited to play in Derringer with Rick Derringer. Derringer toured the US and Canada 1977/78 as a headliner and opening act for Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Peter Frampton, Alice Cooper, Steve Miller, Foreigner, Heart, Kansas, Styx, J. Geils Band and The Cars. Mark also played guitar and sang background vocals on If I Weren't So Romantic I'd Shoot You, Blue Sky. "Rick is one of the best guitarists I have ever seen, there is so much more to Rick than meets the eye, he is excellent and deserves so much more recognition. I will always be grateful to Rick for the opportunity he afforded me, he is the consummate professional".

Then in 1979 Mark teamed up again with Rex Smith, this time appearing in the 1979 made for NBC-TV cult classic movie Sooner or Later Starring Rex, Denise Miller, Barbara Feldon, Judd Hirsch as the lead guitarist of the Sky Band. Mark also was the on set musical coordinator for the movie and also played guitar on the movie soundtrack album Sooner or Later which included the hit You Take My Breath Away. The record went gold.

In late 1979/80, Bruce & Carole Hart, Director/Producer team cast Mark and his band in an Emmy award winning NBC-TV series called Hot Hero Sandwich w/Producer Felix Pappalardi (of Mountain, Cream fame). Together with Felix they wrote, played and recorded the musical soundtrack for the TV series that aired on NBC in 1979/80. The band also performed on camera as the Hot Hero Band for each one of the shows episodes. Mark, during his tenure there also teamed up with Steven Stills recording and performing two songs for the show as well.

In 1980/81, Mark hooked up for a third time with Rex Smith for his Forever Tour, headlining theaters and small concert halls touring US & Canada. Mark also appears in the music videos filmed for that record, the title track Forever and Tonight.

Also in 1981, Mark played with Ian Lloyd, (Louie, Louie) highlighted by the Halloween Rock Jam two shows at the Roberto Clemente Coliseum in San Juan, Puerto Rico 10/31/81. (Blue Angel featuring Cyndi Lauper, was the opening act for those shows. Mahogany Rush was also on the ticket).

Later in 1982 Mark continuing to work with Rex Smith, teamed up with guitarist Brad Whitford (who at that time had left Aerosmith) and Mike Ratti on drums. All were all being managed by the same management at the time who suggested doing a record together. "Brad is excellent, great feel, plays from the heart, he is the real deal for sure. I think we both grew up with similar influences, so it was very easy playing together, a kindred spirits sort of thing. We wrote and recorded a bunch of songs and put a record together, but for whatever reason the record was never released."

Then in 1983, wanting to be more true to his roots, Mark formed Cathedral with long time friend and vocalist Tommy Farese. Cathedral opened for Aerosmith's US east coast tour 1983/1984. As an unsigned act, Cathedral received a standing ovation & encore in the Worchester Centrum, Mass, Aerosmith's home state on New Years Eve 1984. Mark with long time friend and manager Paul O'Neill, recorded their debut LP Cathedral at the Record Plant in New York.

Then in 1985 Mark was asked to join Heaven an Australian heavy metal band. Mark played guitar, sang backup vocals and wrote music & lyrics for Knockin' On Heaven's Door Columbia. They then toured the US & Canada for two years (1985-87) in support of that record. (Mark was the guitarist who spin-flipped his guitar over his shoulder while playing; seen for the first time on video on Knockin' on Heaven's Door video which was filmed in the Moab Desert, Utah 9/05/85). They continued touring until the group disbanded in 1987. During this time, Mark was also in the studio doing session work as well.

At this point, Mark decided to spend more time producing which included producing a debut LP for the heavy metal group Phantom titled Dead or Alive which was released in 1987. Later that year Mark also worked with a NYC based band Rakkett, producing their debut LP at the Record Plant, NY and an EP in 1988 again at the Record Plant, this time with Paul Stanley of Kiss fame.

Then in the summer of 1988 Mark formed Holy Smoke, teaming up with vocalist Ric Anthony from Calgary Canada and drummer and former New Yorker Walter Garces. He moved to LA in August 1988 to record an EP and showcase this powerhouse for west coast record labels. After spending a small fortune and with finances running out, the group disbanded in May 1989 and Mark decided to leave the left coast and return to NYC, with the thought of hoping to one day release their record.

After returning to the Big Apple wiser yet no worse off for the wear, Mark focused his energies in other areas and spent more time writing, doing session work and producing.

Mark then produced Stephen Drift's debut album Istanbul Girl in 1994. Co-writing and playing guitar on this record helped to bring this artists' unique vision to fruition, "Individual perception and interpretation play a big part in influencing the creative free fall that writing is all about. I always try to find what in them inspires me, focusing on that element helps me to bring out what's best in an artist".

In early 2010 Mark composed, recorded and produced three instrumental film scores as part of a soundtrack for a DVD from New World Publications called Sensational Seas II. This DVD is a montage of underwater films."Creating a musical work for the spectacular imagery captured by these very talented underwater filmmakers presented a unique opportunity of how best to musically support and enhance a visual representation of that real life moment you see in film".

"Music, which is an intangible connection to one's soul, has always intrigued me and challenged me on so many levels; its intricacies, melodic possibilities and combinations are limitless and its inspirational and emotional impact on our lives can be life changing".

Today, Mark continues to be a creative force in his collaborative efforts of writing, producing and playing with other artists and friends, engaging their talents in the mutual pursuit of what inspires them...

Rex - Columbia Records - (Rex Smith) 1976.
If I Weren't So Romantic I'd Shoot You - Columbia / Blue Sky Records - (Derringer) 1978.
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Forever - Columbia Records - (Rex Smith) 1980.
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Istanbul Girl - Independent - (Stephen Drift) 1994.
Sensational Seas II DVD - (New World Publications) 2010.

Producer Credits
Cathedral - Co-produced with Paul O'Neill 1984.
Phantom - Dead or Alive - Renaissance Records 1987.
Rakkett - Produced 1987, Co-produced with Paul Stanley 1988.
Stephen Drift - Istanbul Girl Independent Release 1994.
Holy Smoke, Larry Weeks Blues Project, Johnny and the Devils, Mistress, 212.