Jeff Burstyn, Rick Panzica, Tommy Farese, Mike Gandia (drums), Mark

Worchester Centrum 1984 Aerosmith tour
Rick, Mark, Tommy, Jeff, Steve

Tommy Farese - Vocals
Rick Panzica - Bass
Jefferson Burstyn - Guitar, backround vocals
Mark - Guitar, backround vocals
Mike Gandia / Steve Guido - Drums

This group went through several lineup changes. The final incarnation (pictured above) opened for Aerosmith for their 1984 East Coast Tour and were well received. Even as an unsigned act (in this reference meaning they had not released an album yet, so no one in the audience had ever heard their songs before) they received a standing ovation and encore at the Worchester Centrum on New Years Eve 1984 (Aerosmith's home turf). This lineup had good chemistry, talent and explosive performances each night on stage. Tommy's vocals and the collaborative songwriting gave them a heavy, hard rock sound with a hard-driving blues edge. This band had proven itself to its audiences, but the same sound that inspired countless fans to stand and applaud when taken to the record companies fell upon deaf ears...And this is what happens to talent when the music industry is run by businessmen and not by business-minded artists. Cathedral was a great band!

Tommy Gunn, Tommy Farese, Mike Gandia, Mark, John Corabe
Original Incarnation
Kenny James, Tommy Farese, Walter Garces, Mark, Jeff Burstyn