Guitarist, songwriter and producer…

Studio Work/Tour Backup Musician
Ian Lloyd - (Two tours US & Puerto Rico 1980 & 1981).
Rex Smith - (Two tours US & Canada 1976 & 1980).
Felix Pappalardi/Liberty Blues Band (WNEW Live Simulcast) with Bobby Keys, Steven Tyler, Brad Whitford, Steven Stills, Uptown Horns, Paul Shaffer, Paul Stanley, Palmari Brothers.

Appeared in the 1979 made for NBC-TV cult classic movie
Sooner or Later
Starring Rex Smith, Denise Miller, Barbara Feldon, Judd Hirsch as lead guitarist of the Sky Band. Mark also was the on set musical coordinator for the movie.

Hot Hero Sandwich - Emmy Award winning NBC-TV Series w/Producer Felix Pappalardi, wrote, played and recorded the musical soundtrack for the TV series that aired on NBC in 1979/80. Also appeared as a member of the Hot Hero Band in a featured performance for each of the show episodes.

Sensational Seas II
- Mark composed, recorded and produced three instrumental film scores as part of the soundtrack for a DVD from New World Publications in March 2010.

Previous Bands
Mistress - Popular unsigned NYC based band. 1976.

Rex - (Rex Smith Band) - Original member - guitar, backup vocals, co-writer 1976. Forever Tour US & Canada 1980.

Derringer - Toured as a headliner and opening act for: Led Zeppelin, Aerosmith, Peter Frampton, Alice Cooper, Steve Miller, Foreigner, Heart, Kansas, Styx, J. Geils Band, Cars…
US & Canada tours 1977/78.

Cathedral - Opened for Aerosmith US east coast tour 1983/1984. Guitar, backup vocals, songwriter, co-producer with Paul O'Neill. Recorded at Hit Factory, New York.

Heaven - Australian Heavy Metal Band - Guitar, backup vocals, songwriter, wrote music & lyrics for Knockin' On Heaven's Door Columbia - toured two years 1985/86, disbanded 1987.

Holy Smoke - Guitar, backup vocals, producer, recorded debut album on Badapple Records 1989.

Rex - Columbia Records - (Rex Smith) 1976.
If I Weren't So Romantic I'd Shoot you - Columbia / Blue Sky Records - (Derringer) 1978.
Sooner or Later - Columbia - (Movie Soundtrack LP) 1979.
Forever - Columbia Records - (Rex Smith) 1980.
Knockin' On Heaven's Door - Columbia Records (Heaven) 1985.
Dead or Alive - New Renaissance Records - (Phantom) 1988.
Holy Smoke - Badapple Records - (Holy Smoke) 1989.
Istanbul Girl - Independent Release - (Stephen Drift) 1994.
Sensational Seas II DVD - New World Publications 2010.

Producer Credits
Cathedral - Co-produced with Paul O'Neill 1984.
Phantom - Dead or Alive - New Renaissance Records 1988.
Holy Smoke - Badapple Records 1989.
Rakkett - Co-produced with Paul Stanley 1989.
Stephen Drift - Istanbul Girl Independent Release 1994.
Sensational Seas II DVD - New World Publications 2010.
Larry Weeks Blues Project, Johnny and the Devils, Mistress, 212.

Mark continues to be a creative force in his collaborative efforts of writing, producing and playing with other artists and friends, engaging their talents in the mutual pursuit of what inspires them...

Liberty Blues Band w/Felix Pappalardi