This is where it all started, this group played out under several different names but the word that best described them is friends...Mark with this group of musician friends, (pictured here L to R)
Ronnie Savino (bass), Jimmy Courtney (lead singer), (unknown fan), Mark (guitar), Steve Hoogis guitar), Jimmy Green (drums), Chris Weber (keyboards), Mike Chido (horns) used to play out regularly at local night clubs in Rockland. On Nov. 30th 1973, they played Iona College in Westchester, New York, this picture was taken as they were loading up their gear for that gig.

"It was about attitude...carefree, like minded individuals that bonded in an atmosphere where anything goes, anything's possible thinking prevailed. It was about having fun and doing whatever we wanted that influenced us more than the rigid, narrow-minded restraint of following the rules did. It was about self-expression, exploration and discovery...and expressing ourselves creatively through music. It was a time of learning, where nurturing each other's talents in the spirit of fun as aspiring musicians enhanced each of us individually as well as collectively in a profound way.
It was about friendship.
As our interests as musicians grew, so did our curiosity of pursuing the realization of whatever we perceived our potential to be...this still holds true today."