Dennis, Mitch, Alan, Tommy, Mark
Mitch, Alan, Mark
Mitch & Mark
L'Amour East, Queens, New York City
Mitch, Alan, Dennis, Mark
Mitch, Alan, Dennis, Mark
L'Amour East, Queens, New York City

Alan Fryer - Vocals
Dennis Feldman - Bass & vocals
Tommy Dimitroff - Drums
Mitch Perry - Guitar & vocals
Mark - Guitar & vocals

Originally an Australian founded hard rock / heavy metal band, Mark joined in 1985 and played with Heaven until 1987. Mark co-wrote the music and lyrics for/and recorded "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" Columbia (Columbia's last vinyl release) - (which is why you can't find it on CD) and toured in support of that record. They also made a video "Knockin' on Heaven's Door" which was filmed in the Moab Desert, Utah 9/05/85 on top of a monolithic plateau named Castle Rock which shows Mark spin-flipping his guitar into the solo for that song. Never a dull moment while on the road, they continued touring throughout 1985/86 headlining and opening for various hard rock and heavy metal acts; Dio, Motorhead being the more memorable. Once off the road, they continued working together until the group disbanded in 1987 yet again due to record company corporate politics. During this time, Mark continued to do session work as well, both as a player and a producer.