(2nd Incarnation)

Sandy, Mark, Rich, Kip

Sandy Slavin - Drums
Mark - Guitar, backround vocals
Rich Harter - Vocals
Kip Lemming - Bass

"This band was phenomenal. Great players, each individual an accomplished instrumentalist. We had an innovative sound, with a powerful "heavy metal" edge. There was a quality in it's raw power, a rare dynamic combination of power and melody. We recorded a EP at Electric Ladyland Studio and shopped the tapes...but like most musicians who are always in search of the elusive record deal, we were too busy practicing and writing to take the time to develop the business acumen to secure one. I always wonder about this group, who knows what this band could have evolved into given the opportunity!"

(Original Lineup)

Moe, Jimmy, Mark, Jon, Len

Mario "Moe" Ipolito - Bass
Jimmy Bosco - Drums
Mark - Guitar, backround vocals
Jon Montgomery - Vocals
Len Michaels - Guitar, backround vocals

This was the first band that Mark played with after moving to NYC and his first "all original" band. A favorite on the local club scene. The collaborative song writing style of this group is what made this band unique. "It was all about the songs, (and still is today), it's what we thrived on, our songwriting. Jon a great writer on his own, gave the collaborative song writing a unique signature sound". This group was the house band at the village nightclub "Copperfield's" on West 8th Street in Greenwich Village. Saturday nights at Copperfield's was where they could be found playing until all hours of the morning.